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Reiki and Reiki Massage


Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch are similar in that the therapist is releasing and moving energy through the client’s body in a subtle way.  While each modality encompasses its own philosophy, combining Reiki with Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch creates a highly effective relaxing therapeutic session –

How does Reiki work?

Just as blood pulses thru the body, energy is the life force that pulses through all creation – sun, moon, earth, rocks, plants, animals and humans alike.  Energy is the foundation of all that exists. Everything that exists is connected and constantly interacts. Every individual, knowingly or otherwise, makes use of this energy. 

This is Universal Energy.

Without exception everyone has the ability to attract Universal energy. Unfortunately, mental, physical and emotional stress, injury or illness can leave us blocked.

Reiki therapists are trained to access, locate and release blockage which restores natural flow of energy throughout the body. With energy flow restored, stress and tension decreases, aches and pains reduce, and overall health improves.

 What does Reiki feel like?

Some people report the therapist’s hands feel very warm or, at times, cool. While others report feeling a vibration or swirling from within or from the therapists hands.  

People receiving Reiki often express a sense of connection to their own spirituality. There is, however, no religious belief system attached to Reiki. Many describe Reiki as “assisted meditation” and report feeling “at peace”. Most report feeling very relaxed as if they were sleeping yet was totally aware of their surroundings.

 What is a Reiki Session?

  • Reiki is performed fully clothed and uses a light touch.
  • The individual is encouraged to focus on breathing and to allow their body and mind to relax.
  • The therapist intuitively locates blockages or congested areas in the body’s energy field.
  • By holding her hands over or on the area, the blockage is released and energy flow is restored. On occasion, the therapist may apply a light vibration, rub, or tapping.
  • The therapist’s hands are still for most of the treatment, moving only to change hand positions or placements.

           60 minute session --- $65


Reiki Massage

Blending Reiki with a gentle relaxing massage is the ultimate treatment to release stress, reduce aches and pains, boost immunity, and clear energy blockages while restoring unity of the mind, body and spirit.

This session divides time between Reiki and a light relaxing massage designed to increase circulation and lymphatic flow which encourages toxin release and improves immunity.

           90 minute session --- $95


Reiki is a safe and effective treatment  for people of all ages and level of healthPeople throughout the world, including doctors, nurses, hospitals, hospice, and day spas alike, use Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch

  • for stress and pain reduction which accumulates with everyday living
  • to support the body’s natural healing abilities during recovery of a health crisis (i.e. Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack)
  • to aid in healing from illness, injury or surgeries
  • to aid in coping with ongoing symptoms or conditions such as :  

Arthritis        Fibromyalgia        Chronic Fatigue       Diabetes          COPD           Asthma               

Migraines      High BP                 Insomnia                Anxiety            IBS              Depression


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