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Classic Massage

When people think of massage, most often Classic or Swedish massage comes to mind.  As the most commonly requested massage, the primary goal of Classic Massage is to relax the entire body – mentally and physically.

Classic Massage uses long, gliding strokes to improve circulation and lymphatic flow, as well as, deeper slower strokes to calm the nervous system and reduce general muscular tension. The overall experience is relaxing and promotes better health and well-being.

Classic Massage uses a variety of techniques and a light, medium or firm pressure .  

Classic Swedish Massage                                    

60 minute ———- $65.00

75 minute ———- $80.00

90 minute ———- $95.00



Policies and General Info
  • Your session begins at appointed time. To insure you receive your full hands-on massage time, it is advised you arrive a few minutes early to check-in and prepare for your appointment.
  • Tardy arrival may shorten the length of your massage. You are responsible for full payment of your reserved time.
  • Payment is expected and will be collected at the time of service in the form of CASH OR CHECK w/ID ONLY
  • Steam towels, moist heat, or cold pack therapies may be used to enhance and promote desired therapeutic results. This service is complimentary and will be applied as needed and when available.
  • With any massage, it is suggested you consume adequate water pre- and post -massage to properly hydrate muscles and flush toxins.
  • If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call ASAP to reschedule. At least a 24-hour notice is preferred, as others may be interested in booking your appointed time.

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