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Consider for a moment… how would your life change if you could sleep better? Have more energy? Decrease aches and pains? Reduce stress and tension?

Just as your car, lawn, and house require regular maintenance so does your body. Some people spend more time and money on “things” in their life, while ignoring their most prized possession – their health! Your health should be placed as the highest priority. Without good health no "things" matter.

Englewood Massage Therapy specializes in helping people  – men, women, seniors, and teens alike – whose goals are to improve or maintain a healthier, more active, and productive life.

Massage and other forms of bodywork are the most popular and natural choices for effective drug-free therapy to reduce aches and pains, decrease stress and tension, encourage faster healing from injury and illness, boost immunity and improve overall health.

Gayla Page is the owner of Englewood Massage Therapy and performs all services. For more information visit About the Practitioner page.

More and more people are recognizing the healthy benefits and importance of receiving regular bodywork. Gayla is honored citizens of Englewood, Littleton, Sheridan, and surrounding areas choose Englewood Massage Therapy as a part of their health care and wellness plan.



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